What do you want to be when you grow up? An investor? A pirate?

Even though everyone does it.. Asking children what they want to be when they grow up is “probably the worst question you could ever ask a young person today, and probably should never ask again.” According to Jan Owen, CEO of the Foundation for Young People.

At a young age, most children would not really understand what a property investor actually does. In a survey of 1000 Australian children aged 5 – 12, this also seems to be the case.

When asked, “what would you most like to be when you grow up?” the top answers were.. Teacher, scientist, vet, actor, musician, doctor, police officer, athlete, firefighter, and pilot.

In the same survey, one in four children expected to earn $1 million per year. Perhaps, if they knew a bit more about the earning potential of property investment… There may be a bit more interest.

Remembering the phrase, ‘the beggar and the wealthy have the same twenty-four hours in a day…’ DDP Property Founder, Zaki Ameer continued working hard… He learned as much as he could until a chance introduction with a successful investor led him to buy his first property.

Ameer and his team understand that you can’t be an expert in every single area. DDP have a handpicked team with expertise in all the key stages of the investment journey. This includes consultation, investment strategy, property research, finance broking, buyer’s agent services, property management, conveyancing and renovations. Whether you need a mentor through the entire process.. Or help with one area.. The team at DDP have the expertise to help you succeed.