What Is A Buyer’s Agent? 

Buyer’s agents are licensed real estate professionals that focus on looking after you, the buyer. Whereas your stock standard real estate agent normally represents the seller’s best interests.  

They should be completely in your corner. They specialize in finding, evaluating and negotiating to purchase a property on your behalf.  Buyer’s agents will tailor their service to suit your personal needs. Whether you are looking for one property, an entire portfolio or need an expert to bid at an auction on your behalf.

Will I save money using a buyer’s agent? 

Most buyer’s agents charge a flat rate for their services. They may be tailored per property or to the extent of service you need.  Some agents may charge a percentage of the value of the property (commission). 

At DDP Property, our buyer’s agents charge a flat rate.  Instead of being motivated by big commissions.. Their mission is to help you invest in the right properties at the right price and pace. They want to help set you up for life.

It is recommended to avoid buyer’s agents that work off commission because they may not always act in your best interests.  

Most of the time, buyer’s agent costs are tax-deductible when you are purchasing an investment property.  

What are the benefits of using a buyer’s agent? 

  • Access to a wider range of properties, some which may not even be advertised.

The real estate market is uber-competitive, and your buyer’s agents can access a larger range of properties that you can.  They can utilize their own networks to find opportunities ahead of others in the market.  

  • Saves time and stress!  You only need to focus on checking out the properties that tick all the boxes.

There are not enough hours in the day to become an expert at everything.  DDP’s local teams are up to speed on the latest property trends. They hold information across all areas in every major east coast city.  

While there are so many tools available for us to make informed choices about our property purchase… It makes sense to outsource this work to an expert with your best interests in mind.  

Save yourself the time and stress by letting someone experienced do the research.  A buyer’s advocate will give you your weekends back as you only need to view properties that meet your criteria.   

  • Investment expertise – your agent will use their experience to help you find suitable properties in areas that offer great growth prospects

 Buyer’s agents understand the market and can use their experience to identify promising investment opportunities before they are even advertised.  

  • Objective support during negotiations with sellers and at auctions.   

Buyers agents can get you a great price for your property because they know all the tricks of the trade.  Their confidence, emotional detachment, and tactic will help you succeed. They will get the best price whether negotiating with a seller or at an auction.